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This monday ... What are you up to?

Hi there! Oh ... First about community here I don't know anything or any person.
I forget something, Hey I'm newbie here that's exactly I should be like this.

Forget that and let's start with my topic... I'm not excellent in English for somebody may not understand what I wrote? Aha if you can't make an understanding pls tell me which sentence or main idea of my diary that you can't get.

It's monday so what are you up to? ...some has to go to the school and learn, some has to go to the workplace and do their job.

For me today's like another day nothing special, many of work that I must finish it. I spend 8 hrs. since 8 AM to 4 PM to do my work everyday, but for some day I still did my work over 8 hrs.

After finished my work I've to get to fitness to exercised.

I love to run because it's very easy to do and I believe it can makes your healthy and strong. I ran about 30 minutes.

After that I played a lot of fitness items and finally, practicing Taekwondo ...
I must consider about the way to kick correctly.

Unless practice more and more, I can't find the better way to understand how to take a great advantage when kicking...

And now, in front of my computer... to the end of a day with write my own diary here.

So ... How about you? What are you up to today?
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This monday ... What are you up to?
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